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Sprinkle it on!

Antioxidant Sprinkles

Adapted from Rosemary's Remedies

Use this herb blend in abundance! It is a great immune boost that is simple and tasty to use everyday...on salads, soups and vegetables. Bonus: Sesame seeds provide calcium and they soften and enhance the flavor of the dried herbs. Seaweed too is a great source of minerals and adds a subtle Unami flavor.

Lately I've been buying my dried herbs and spices from I find I can purchase a pound of Organic Frontier brand for the price of 2 small jars of store-bought. I've compared, and there is a huge difference in flavor between standard grocer brands and Frontier. --I'll never go back to buying lesser quality herbs. If you're not up for a pound, check out Mountain Rose Herbs online store for great quality (smaller) bulk options.


1 part dried rosemary

1 part dried parsley

1 part dried thyme

1 part dried sage

toasted sesame seeds, to taste

seaweed (dulse and arame, or other), raw or toasted, to taste

1/8 teaspoon sea salt, red alea or alder smoked or other, to taste


Blend individual herbs, sesame and seaweed in an herb grinder or with a mortar and pestle. Blend together herbs, sesame and seaweed and add salt a small amount of salt to taste. Add a few whole sesame seeds if you like.

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