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Bone UP!

Join me on January 14 & 15 and 21 &22
at 9 AM MDT
on Zoom! 
All sessions will be recorded for later viewing

Our bones are dynamic.  Whether you are 8 or 80, a female or male, nutrition has a powerful influence on our bone health and vitality.  During Bone Up! we get personal…I’ll share with you my own bone-building success story.  And, you will have the opportunity to assess your nutrition intake to create an integrated, personalized plan that optimizes your bone-nutrition and fitness.  Susan will translate the science into the ingredients for long-term bone health with ideas that you will want to put on your plate right away! 

June 14 - My 5-Surefire Tips for Better Bones

June 15 - The Calcium Conundrum

June 21 - The Protein Paradox

June 22 - The Gut-Bone Connection

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