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Past Events

Optimize and Maximize Your Performance!

Join me on Saturday, April 10, 2021 at 10:30 AM MST via Zoom

Get ready to recreate!  Increase your enjoyment and performance and speed your recovery.  Gain confidence in your pre-workout snacks and hydration....Come away without fatigue and ready to tackle your next challenge!    

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Image by Portuguese Gravity

Build Your Best Immune Defense Right From Your Kitchen, Part 2!

Join me on Sunday, May 17, 2021 at 4:00 PM MST via Zoom

Build Your Best Defense will provide sound food and nutrition advice, and answers to some of the questions you have about foods that are right for you, your family, and your immune system, right now! 


You will receive a recipe pack with a number of immune boosting recipes. Yum!

Fee: $20, waived for McCall Healthcare workers.

Build Immune

The Fall Reset: The Three Week Perfect Plan Workshop

Join me & Deanna Clauson, Functional Medicine Health Coach, on Sundays Oct 25 | Nov 1 | Nov 8, 2021 at 3:30 PM MST via Zoom

A 3-week action focused workshop that will help you gain insights and take solid actions to rev up your energy and metabolism. Through education and self reflection this series will guide and inspire you to reset your eating and establish healthy habits.

Includes 3-weeks of done-for-you yet interactive menus and recipes, a smart grocery list, handouts and a habit-builder tool.  

All sessions will be recorded for future access.  

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The Fall Reset
Heart Shaped Waffles

Fall in Love with Carbs Again!

A Cabin Fever Zoom event in support of the McCall Donnelly Arts and Humanties

Fall in love with carbs
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Bone Up!

Our bones are dynamic. Whether you are 8 or 80, a female or male, nutrition has a powerful influence on our bone health and vitality. During Bone Up! we get personal…I’ll share with you my own bone-building success story. And, you will have the opportunity to assess your nutrition intake to create an integrated, personalized plan that optimizes your bone-nutrition and fitness. Susan will translate the science into the ingredients for long term bone health with ideas that you will want to put on your plate right away!

  • My 5-Surefire Tips for Better Bones

  • The Calcium Conundrum 

  • The Protein Paradox

  • The Gut-Bone Connection


All sessions will be recorded for later viewing!  

Bone Up
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